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A Brief History of Doľany

The first reference to the area in which the village of Doľany is situated, is in a document dating from 1256 in which it is called “terra Ompudini” (meaning “Ompudinis´ territory”). The village, however, was established in the 14th century by German settlers. The first written reference, with the name “Ottondal” (Otto’s Valley”) dates from 1390.  It was later called by the slightly different name of “Ottenthal”. In the 17th century the name Ompitál (“Ompid´s Valley”) occurs in the written sources. This name was also used by Slovaks.

        Initially  Doľany was a German village. The Slovaks settled here in the second half of the 16th century. Between 1543 and 1550 Doľany obtained  “market status”. This  meant that Doľany had municipal jurisdiction and four or six markets could be held each year. The village was based on viticulture. The area was owned by the Fuggers and later the Pálffys. The aristocratic Palfy family established a glass factory 5 km (3,10 miles) from Doľany in the second half of 17th century. Near the glassworks a settlement with the German name Glasshutten grew up, which the Slovaks called Hute. The glassworks became uneconomic and was closed in 1750. The population of the settlement was decreasing.

In the middle of the 18th century the nationality ratio changed. Slovak speaking habitants became predominant.  From this time onwards municipal documents are written in the Slovak language and the name Ottenthal was changed to Ompitál.

In the 20th century the village was enlarged rapidly through extensive building. It saw the most rapid development in its history. In 1948 the Ministry of the Interior changed the name of the village to Doľany. Nowadays there are more than one thousand inhabitants and the village has an area of 1255 hectares.