Počítadlo návštev


 .....it was almost 200 years ago that Juraj Fándly, our national activist and local historian, in the introduction of one of his books wrote: „It is not good of a citizens that he does not want to know about the history of his homeland, if he knew it. Therefore: be useful to your homeland as much as you can, talk to the young about the memories of the old, examine the roots of your people and be proud of its history.“
     Remembering this motto we will try to present you our small village DOĽANY.
     It is situated at the foot of the Small Carpathian mountains between Modra and Smolenice. You can reach us from any direction; from the south from Trnava, but you can also reach us from overmountain village Sološnica, but that is just for the tourist coming on foot.
     The oldest written record about the slavish village/homestead/dominium of Červený Kameň (Red Stone) is from 1390. Then it was called Ottenthal, from German - Otto´s Valley or Ompit Valley. The name was given after the emperor Otto II. Later on it was renamed sounding more Slovak – Ompitál. By the end of 16th century and beginning of 17th century a privilege was granted by the Hungarian king Ferdinand II, and the town became well known market town with the mayor as a head of the place. Municipality seal was granted to the town.
     Imprint of the municipality seal of the slavish town Ompitál was found in the document dated 20th December 1634. Stamp inscription reads SIG.OTHENTHAL/SIGILUM OPPIDI OTTENTHAL – which means: Seal of the town Ompital. A symbol of the seal is St. Leonard, a saint, a monk, a monastic, a Frenchman born in Aquitaine. Since 15th century inhabitants of Ompitál held him in high regard. In 15th century a chapel devoted to him was built by the inhabitants. Since then pilgrimages take place there, on Sundays closest to Ascension Day. He is the patron saint of the imprisoned, shepards and women in labour. Therefore fetters and horseshoes we can see in the seal. In the municipality seal he holds two bunches of grapes in his hands, as the main attribute of the town Ompitál.
     The history of Ompitál was also formed by the most significant personalities Juraj Fándly and Juraj Palkovič.
     Altough Juraj Fándly was born in Častá (21st October 1750), nevertheless, as he stated himself, „he feels to be Ompitaler to the core“. He spent his youth here, he lived here after his retirement and on 7th March 1811 he died here. This clergyman, activist, regional historian, wrote many books. Through them he spoke to his countrymen. He is buried in a local cemetery.
     Juraj Palkovič, born on 24th April 1763 in a parsonage of his uncle in Veľké Chlievany, similarly as Fándly, he always felt more like Ompitaler, and he supported the town. This significant historian helped noticeably to his Slovak nation and to Ompitál. He died in Esztergom on 21st January 1835.
     Ompitál carried its name until 1948, when from Otto´s Valley became DOĽANY.
     Today, Doľany has 1027 inhabitants. The municipality has its municipality seal, flag and also coat of arms. When registering them, historical point of view was considered, therefore coat of arms was registered in a following way: St. Leonard stands in a silver shield with gold aureola around his head, in black habit, holding great bunch of blue grapes with gold leave in both his hands. The flag consists of 5 lengthwise stripes in yellow, blue, black, yellow, and blue coulour.
     Present day life of the village is being spread to a wider neighbourhood thanks to local artists and businessmen.
     In the past two years 2 publications about Doľany were written. They talk about the history of our village.
     Present means progress in all areas, in communications, information, travelling, shopping, etc. Therefore we decided to enter electronic world and by this web page we would like to be your guide in Ompitál history, and present days of Doľany. Welcome!