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The Real Life of Jesus Christ!?
(Jozef Krchnák)

Not one life of any ancient personality was described and documented in so many ways as it was in case of life of Jesus Christ. We have four curriculum vitae about him – four Gospels and many other sources. Paradoxically, this information richness means to study them, because the four Gospels have a lot in common, in many ways they complement, but sometimes they also contradict each other.
It is just this book, with a special approach to the Gospels´ texts arrangement, which will enable you to study them carefully. This text arrangement enables three possible methods of reading:

  • classical, independent reading of particular Gospels,
  • encapsulated reading,
  • but most of all - very detailed comparative reading of Gospel stories.

It is one of the best and most detailed comparisons of four Gospels in the world. The book is necessary for a better and more detailed knowledge of the life and teachings of Jesus Christ. It is based on the most exact Czech translation – Českého studijního překladu Bible (Czech Bible Translation for Studies).

Read and be better!

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(Juraj Fándly)

Kniha Zelinkár od Juraja FándlyhoThe purpose of the content of this book is to show what benefits we can get from the plants. For fulfilling knowledge every person should have a double knowledge: first, he must know when to pick up the herbs; second, to distinguish good herbs from the bad ones.